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    Guangdong Gadmei Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a group enterprise with R & D, manufacturing, marketing and smart phone accessories, personal intelligent digital and smart home. It is committed to build an international and high-tech leading brand. The enterprise is located in Qingyuan, China, located in the South China economic center, the global manufacturing base, the hinterland of the Pearl River Delta in Guangzhou, adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao.

    Our main products include: mobile power, digital photo frame, children video early education machine, video national computer, computer peripheral accessories and accessories around the mobile phone;

    Our enterprise position: the industry leading intelligent technology enterprise;

    Our corporate philosophy: innovation, entry and win-win;

    Our corporate vision: technology makes life more intelligent;

    Our business mission: to grow up with customers and employees to create first-class enterprises.

    The company has 50000 square meters factory area, equipped with 10 specialized production lines, import high-speed injection molding machine, high-precision UV flat printer and other high-end equipment, and has more rigorous management process, and strictly control product quality.